NOTICE: Bug on login screen causing a browser cache and a page refresh without allowing the user to login.

We are currently working on an issue where some users are unable to login to the MyCenter portal. We apologize for the inconvenience this is causing and are working hard to get the issues resolved as soon as possible. Please see the the information below on a workaround to browser cache issue:

*Note: Google Chrome browser is recommended for the use of the MyCenter Portal. Other browsers may not work as smooth and created difficulties with your Portal experience.

1. Go to the Chrome Web Store and install this Super Cache Clearing extension.

2. Once installed - Click on its little icon in the upper right corner next to the URL bar   then in the upper right the little gear icon     This will open the extension settings page.

3. Turn on the following, if not already... "Clear App Data" , "Clear Indexed Data" , "Clear Plugin Data" , & "Clear webSQL data"

4. Close the settings page. It auto saves.

5. Click on the  again and select "PAST 1 WEEK". This will clear out your cache for the last week.6. Navigate to "" if you did not already have a tab open for it and try to login. (if you already had tab open to the portal login page... simply hold down the CTRL button and refresh the page. Then login as usual).7. All Set. If you have any issues with this feel free to email me and we can still do a screen share when you have a moment.

Thank you,

EyeOn Development Team.